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Non-Traditional Wedding Plans

When bridal magazines are not the answer...

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This is a community for discussion of non-traditional wedding (or other joining ceremony) plans, no matter what type of wedding. We don't assume that you're a bride, planning a ceremony with a groom. We don't assume that you're planning the white dress, roses, and "Here Comes the Bride" ceremony. Please share your unique wedding ideas, do-it-yourself projects, and even your wedding woes!

Go ahead and express YOUR wedding ideas without worrying about offending anyone. Also feel free to chronicle the "minutiae" of your plans and alternative ideas. Just be sure to observe the rules below when joining this community.

Joining: Feel free to introduce yourself; feel equally free to "lurk." Other wedding planning communities have introduction surveys that they want you to fill out... honestly, I skip them when I'm reading my friends' page. However, I know other people read them--the point is, do whatever you feel comfortable with!

What would be a community without rules?

1. First and most of all, please be TOLERANT of other people's views and lifestyles. You don't have to like someone else's plans or how they live their lives, but hatred will be met with swift consequences. This includes not only overt bigotry (i.e. anti-Semitism, gay bashing), but also more subtle forms such as classism ("That's low class"/"You're a rich snob"). The moderator (maggiedacatt) reserves the right to ban anyone from the community, at her discretion, for hateful comments or posts.

2. No spam. No one likes spam. We deal with it enough in our email. Again, what signifies "spam" is really mod's discretion. Other communities say NO unsolicited posts that deal with money, including Ebay auctions. For now, I'm going to say that I wouldn't mind Ebay auctions and things like that if you're a regular posting member, not someone who just joined the community to find business clients. If you think it might be construed as spam, cut it. This rule is experimental and subject to change to a more strict regulation. And, of course, I reserve the right to delete annoying spam posts. :)

3. No DRAMA. Wedding planning can get very stressful, and always includes very subjective decisions. It is a very emotional process. PLEASE be careful of what you say to one another and how it might be interpreted. If someone in the community annoys you, ignore her/him. We all get enough debates and arguments from our friends and family about our choices (especially, often, our less traditional ones!), we don't need it here too. This is an alternative plans community--keep that in mind.

Also, due to a tendency of people to make more 'dramatic' comments anonymously, I've disabled anonymous commenting. Non-members can still comment, but they have to be registerred LJ users. I'm sorry this was necessary, but I can't stand it when someone makes a snide comment and hides behind anonymous posting so that they won't get reprimanded or banned for it.

4. PLEASE cut long URL's, polls, pictures, exceptionally long posts, etc. This is all about keeping YOUR friends list manageable. You're welcome to post a 5-page rant about your awful in-laws, but please realize that not everyone wants to (or has time to) read it. Long URL's or huge pictures make it impossible to resize a window in most browsers. This is really, really annoying.

Please don't change your formatting to something distracting (huge text, bright orange letters, blinking or marquee text, etc) so that people will read your post. If people want to read it, they will. If they don't have time or don't feel like wedding stuff today, they're free to skip it. Lastly, NO QUIZ RESULTS. In sum, please be considerate that what you post is showing up on other people's friends pages, and they are powerless to make your post go away without un-friending this community. Please don't make them want to do that.

5. Stay on topic. I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.

These rules make the community experience more pleasant for everyone. As moderator, I want your experience with planning your ceremony to be as easy as possible, and I hope this community serves as a valuable resource.
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